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Every body is different, and even the same body needs different work in different situations.
To best adapt your massage to you, a short consultation is included with every appointment, in addition to the time on the mat. You can enjoy a delicious cup of tea while we talk.
Steamed herbal compresses are prepared for every massage, and tools and other herbal treatments are available as needed.

Comfortable clothing is available, or you are welcome to use your own. 

Once a teacher, always a teacher...

I spent almost half my life teaching English as a second language, around the world and within more contexts than I can list. Since beginning Thai massage, I have taught beginner protocols, self-massage, partner massage, making herbal formulas, and private lessons. I organise workshops primarily in partnership, so if you are interested, please get in touch!

Thanks for submitting! I will get back to you within 24 hours. If I do not, please email me separately at



Are you taking precautions against COVID and other contagious diseases?

Yes. You can read about my current policy here. Please be aware that this changes as situations change.

What forms of payment do you accept?

I use SumUp for card transactions, which accepts bank cards and credit cards. I can accept cash but I don't usually have change available, so please bring the correct amount. If you prefer to pay in advance, I can send you a Tikkie or you can do a bank transfer. I do not prefer PayPal, but it is an option if necessary.

Are transgender and non-binary people welcome?

Absolutely. Come as you are. In fact, the only people who aren't welcome are people who have problems with that. 

What should I wear on the mat?

Thai massage is typically fully clothed. I provide loose cotton shirts and loose tie-front trousers in many sizes. If you prefer to wear your own clothing, it's best if they are both a little stretchy and a little loose. However, it is possible to massage you in any clothes you are wearing even if you prefer to stay in your street clothes. I do require you to take off your shoes. 

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Currently, this is tricky. If you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible. However, if I get sick and have to cancel 1-3 weeks of appointments, it is harder for me than missing one appointment. So, if you are sick, please cancel as soon as you know you are sick. If you or a member of your household is sick and it's less than 5 days until your appointment, please cancel as you may still be contagious. Again, please do that as soon as possible so I can arrange my time and offer your slot to someone else. 

More coming

This page is in development. Please come back or email me to ask questions! 

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