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Markets and Shows

Personally, I like to touch ceramics and see things in person. If that's an option for you, here are some places you can find me!

30 June 2024

Keramiekmarkt Maaseik

Maaseik, Belgium

Click here for the full flyer (when available).

25-26 May 2024

Frechener Töpfermarkt

Frechen, Germany

Click here for the full flyer.

17 Dec 2023 (PAST)

The Maker Market, Rotterdam

10 December 2023 (PAST)

Swan Market, Utrecht

19 November 2023 (PAST)

Museum Market, Amsterdam

12 December 2022 (PAST)

WG Kunst Kerst Sale

WGKunst Gallery, Amsterdam, NL

20 November 2022 (PAST)

Museum Market, Amsterdam

17 July 2022 (PAST)

Museum Market, Amsterdam

June - Sept 2022 (PAST)

Binnen(ste) Buiten, WG Kunst group show

WGKunst Gallery (outside), Amsterdam, NL

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