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Sharon Feigal

My name is Sharon Feigal (she/them).

I am a potter and mixed media artist working mainly in ceramics.

For a long time I felt strongly that my art needed to be functional, and so my pottery, while often made in a limited series, mostly consists of unique independent pieces. 

My ideas come out of my daily life and personal history, sometimes my hopes and dreams. I prefer to work in 3 dimensions because I am very tactile and even visually enjoy depth. When I can, I like to bring in the sensations of sound (for example wind chimes or moving parts) and smell (a frequent result of raku firing technique).

My first experiences learning pottery were during my first year of university in 1992-3, where I was not studying art, design, or any other related field. My first experiences using other materials were through love of art supply shops and being fascinated by tools. But like many others, I've been making and changing things around me for as long as I can remember. 

Born in Olympia, WA, USA and raised on a small farm along a creek to the south, I have lived in various cities (Spokane, Seattle, Minneapolis/St.Paul, Prague and Maastricht) before settling into Amsterdam, NL in 2006. In 2020 we moved into our current home where I finally have my own dedicated studio space and continue to grow and develop as an artist.

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