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Each massage is customised to meet your needs, whether they be for therapy, maintenance, or relaxation. All treatments are performed on a large mattress on the floor, using cushions to support any body in any position. Special clothing is provided, or you may bring your own.






An ancient form of bodywork, Thai massage incorporates a broad toolkit of techniques. Widely known for its deep pressure, joint mobilisation and stretching, a treatment may also include the use of:

  • herbal compresses

  • balms and liniments (traditional recipes)

  • cupping, scraping, or other tools

  • abdominal massage

These tools are used at the discretion of the therapist, at no extra charge. If you are specifically interested in one, however, you can of course request it.

Thai Foot Reflexology, which utilises a unique wooden dowel to access pressure points, is also available, either alone or as part of a longer treatment, upon request. 




Abdominal massage for the inner organs, Chi Nei Tsang blends Chinese and Thai massage and meditation techniques. It has been developed and promoted around the world by Mantak Chia of Universal Healing Tao. 

These techniques act deeply on the organs, stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems and helping the body to function more efficiently.

Chi Nei Tsang is most effective as a series of focused 1-hour or 90-minute sessions, but can also be booked as stand-alone appointments of any duration or partially incorporated into longer full-body Thai massage treatments.

Please do not plan this treatment on a full stomach.




Traditional Thai treatments for during and after pregnancy focus on nurturing the mother. They differ from a typical Thai massage in that they avoid stretching, utilise gentler techniques, and heavily incorporate special herbal compresses.

Post-natal time in Thai is called Oo-Fai ("by the fire") and focuses on warming and nourishing the new mother. It can last up to several months.

There is no difference in price for these treatments, but for your own comfort, a shorter session of 1 hour may be preferable to a longer one. 

*In order to prepare materials for these treatments, I do need to know in advance if you are pregnant or have recently given birth.



60 minutes                              €70

90 minutes                              €90 

120 minutes                          €110


How long will my appointment take? 

All sessions start and end with a short check-in, outside of the time you spend on the mat. Therefore, an additional half hour is automatically scheduled. If you have a 90-minute treatment, your appointment will be booked for 2 hours to allow for the time we need.

What happens if I need to cancel or reschedule? 

24 hours notice is required in order to change or cancel your appointment. In the case of less notice, you will be charged 100% of the appointment cost.