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What's in a name?

Thank you so much for coming to my Handmade page! SpiderTangle Studios is all me, Sharon Feigal. The plan is to mostly focus on my ceramics, but let's be honest: I make a lot of stuff. So sometimes I might post some of the other projects I work on.

But first, a little history!

By the time I took my first ceramics class “just for fun” at university, I was a little familiar with clay. My youngest uncle had a pottery wheel in the basement of my grandparents' house, and I clearly remember the image of him working down there, the pots on shelves around him. The class, meanwhile, opened up a world for me. I hadn’t particularly liked art classes at younger ages, but I loved working in three dimensions and making things that had function too. After that first class in 1992, I took a few more classes, then enjoyed classes and open studios in my 20s and 30s off and on, and have now had studio access consistently since 2015. During those in-between years, I dabbled in many other media, and learned that I love working with my hands, and I love making things. All kinds of things. Which brings me to my business name.

SpiderTangle gets its origin from my brother’s childhood nickname for me, Spider. A spider spins its web and and has a lot of limbs to shape and navigate it. I spin quite a few maker-webs myself; they get tangled, and some of the things I like to make affect the other things I like to make. It’s not one type of studio but many.

Let's see where this takes us, shall we? Thanks for reading!


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