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Reopening Announcement - New Year 2022

Updated: Jan 26

If you're reading this here and NOT on my mailing list, please sign up for my mailing list.

If you do not, you will NOT be able to schedule an appointment with me when I am able to reopen. Continue reading to understand this better. This post is a repeat of the general announcement newsletter sent 14 January 2022. Everything here is subject to change, and I will update it with dates when that happens.

Lees hier de Nederlandse versie.

It's been a long slow road, through a move, renovations, and the pandemic. In November and December I was able to start massaging some clients in a soft start, and I'm ready to open to newsletter subscribers ONLY as soon as the lockdown allows it. There will not be as many appointment options as there were before, in order to eliminate some contagion risk. I will announce each week what the availability is, and I will NOT be taking advance appointments before these openings are posted. Below you can find information about

  • COVID precautions

  • the first available massage slots

  • loyalty cards

  • teacups

I always love to hear from you, so please email me if you have questions that I haven't covered, or just want to say hello! (You can do this via the contact section of this website, or directly - both go immediately to my inbox.)

Covid Precautions:

This image describes the requirements for you as a client - please load it and read.

After it you will see a list of what I'm doing on my end.

Here's what I'll be doing:

  • PCR test every other week to make sure I'm not asymptomatic and a home test before each client.

  • I am fully vaccinated and had a positive PCR test (asymptomatic) in October, so hopefully am even less likely to infect you. I will be boostered as soon as I'm able to (end January).

  • I will also be masked during your session. My mask will be FFP2 minimum (and with Omicron, yours should be too - cloth masks and surgical masks are insufficient for protection from the Omicron variant - you can buy one from me if needed).

  • Ventilation: Philips air purifier with HEPA filter in the treatment room, all ventilation grids in windows are open, and room is fully aired before and after treatment.

  • Vinyl mat that can be disinfected and all cushions used in treatment will be double cased and of course fresh.

  • One client per day for now.

  • I will not be charging for last-minute cancellations if you are having ANY symptoms or have contact with anyone who has tested positive.

First Available Massage Slots

Unfortunately, personal services are not yet allowed to reopen, and I agree with that precaution. Once I am able to reopen, this is what your weekly availability update will look like (or similar to this, anyway).

Example of additional text: Please email if you would like an appointment on one of these available days, and tell me your best time within the time frame above. Weekends are currently unavailable.

Loyalty Cards

Many of you still have full or nearly full loyalty cards. Some of you don't even know it, because I keep track of them.

For every 10 hours of normally-priced treatment, you receive 1 hour free.

There is a temporary stop to new prepaid sets. The only other discount that will be active for now are your birthday cards.

Handmade teacups

Many of you have asked if I wanted to sell my teacups. They are now up on my Etsy shop, SpiderTangle Studios.

I am selling them externally at 10 euros apiece, but for my massage clients I'm happy to give a 30% discount.

Please let me know if you want me to set some aside for you. I can also wrap them as a gift for someone else, and ship them to you or them for the price of shipping.

Thank you SO much for reading this! I really hope to see you all very soon! Meanwhile, take good care of yourselves.

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