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Re-opening Strategy & Obstacles

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Update Aug 2021: A more complete update coming soon, but the floors are still not in due to problems with the CV ketel and underfloor heating. This is now expected to be resolved at the end of September. Therefore, I most likely will not be open until November! :(

This week, we were planning to see the bamboo floors being placed in our newly renovated upstairs. My future praktijk kamer is there, on the back side of our new house. In the future, I would like it to have its own entry, but we weren't ready to figure out a stairwell yet.

Unfortunately, the wood fiber underlayment that houses the underfloor heating has not yet cured adequately. In a way, this works out, because we've been so overwhelmed by the projects we still need to do that I have not yet gotten around to painting prepping pretty much anything in there. Since we've moved in, it's been pretty much a scramble of urgent issue after urgent issue. Here's how it looks now.

The flooring guy will come check it out in a few more weeks and hopefully it will be ready to start that process in late July or August. That means, what with the other things that have to wait on the flooring going in, it's unlikely that I will have a space to work until September at the earliest.

On the plus side, by then everyone should be fully vaccinated and even enough time to see how that's affecting the rate of coronavirus infection and mutation.

I received my first vaccination last week, and was luckily just really tired the next day. I know some people have stronger reactions to vaccinations in general. I usually have some muscle soreness and sometimes mild reactions that pass quickly, depending on the disease.

At this point, my understanding of the effectiveness of the vaccinations is that while they should be pretty good at protecting us from more extreme infections and lessen the rate of contagion, they do not entirely prevent either. The Delta variation is further decreasing the effectiveness of the vaccinations. Therefore, I am considering the following measures (and I have time to adjust these as I learn more during this building delay).

  1. Both of us should have completed our vaccinations, with adequate time after the 2nd one (if applicable) for.

  2. I will probably require masks during treatments. As you know, my sessions are long and we are in close contact. Also, my new space does not have windows that open - only ventilation grates.

  3. I will schedule fewer clients in one day, with more time in between for adequate cleaning.

  4. If you have even mild cold or flu symptoms, I will allow last-minute cancellations.

  5. We will be re-doing everyone's intake form, with updated information and questions.

Please keep in mind that these measures will not only be for your and my protection, but also for the other people that come for treatments.

There is one final thing that still bears mentioning, because it is still a concern among people who contracted COVID-19, even asymptomatic (and potentially undiagnosed). The massage communities that I belong to worldwide are still discussing the dangers of blood clotting and the potential to cause thrombosis and stroke during or after a deep massage session. In my opinion, the instances of this have not increased in relation to massage as much as we feared, so I am prepared to start massaging once I have my space arranged.

I am really looking forward to seeing you all again. I've missed you. If you have any questions, please send an email.

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