• Sharon Feigal

How to plant succulent pots

I make a lot of pots intended for plants, either hanging or sitting. Because I like versatility of design, I make them without drainage holes. Instead of holes, they are deep enough to put a layer of rock or other debris at the bottom to collect any extra water. Here's how it's done:

First you put a layer of drainage in the bottom. I had some pulverized pumice stone sitting around, so that worked fine. At other times, I have used small rocks, pieces of packing foam, bits of broken ceramics and marbles. For a plant that likes more moisture, I have made a lining of moss at the bottom.

After that, you can use the type of potting soil appropriate to the plant you'd like to put in there. I have some succulents that the leaves got knocked off of the other day, so I'm using cactus and succulent soil. If this were a moisture-loving plant, I would careful water the soil now, to make sure it is adequately moistened throughout without being too wet. But it's not, and my soil is slightly damp already.

Finally, you can put in a tiny plant or in this case a plant I'm hoping to propagate. Water it and set it where the plant would like best. In this case I watered it only slightly. I've never done this with succulents before, so fingers crossed!

I also had a spider plant all rooted and ready to go, so I planted it in one of the hanging planters using the same method but different soil.

And finally, I put some spider plant babies into the hanging plant creche to give them a chance to root.

There you have it! Pretty simple. Just be careful not to overwater and depending on the plant, to water frequently enough and you should be fine.

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