• Sharon Feigal

Broken View, 2020

€400 Three raku fired ceramic eyes, attached with luggage net

€110 per eye, loose

For me, spring is the start of the motorcycle season. I have been an avid motorcyclist since I was 21. Every year, with the first crocuses, I feel the itch to take my motorcycle out of winter storage and get out on the road.

In 2015 things went wrong when my thumb slipped off the bungee cord luggage net while packing up my bags. Since then I have had to go to the ophthalmologist every year for a check-up and treatment of numerous complications. Luckily I didn't lose my sight altogether, but I am now obsessed with my eyes.

Extra paragraph about my work and about me:

Sharon Feigal (1974, Olympia, USA) started working with her favorite material, clay, during her university studies in 1993. Her work is mainly functional -- but functionality doesn't have to be boring. Within the functional work she encounters things that have to be worked out without a function. This is often done with clay and all kinds of materials, for example newspapers, glass tubes, plasters, luggage spiders, - and so on. She now lives in the Netherlands since 2004 and feels most at home on the west side of Amsterdam, where she has lived since 2008 .

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