• Sharon Feigal

Beer foamy.

Most of my friends love a good beer. Some of us make annual pilgrimages to abbeys and brewers in Belgium to stock up, as well as ordering directly from local brewers here in Amsterdam. I even have a subscription beer tasting box delivered every other month! Now that we can't go to Belgium, I order most of my Belgian beers via another awesome box subscription.

When I first started making beer chalices, I was actually thinking of individual friends as I made or decorated each one--one friend wears a particular shade of green, another loves bright blue. I also experiment with different shapes and sizes, because they might fit either a can's worth or a bottle's. Maybe some people have a home tap! I often like a foamy dark beer to have more space across the top, but I might drink a sour or something light and summery out of a taller shape. Those are just my preferences, although I'm sure someone smart and obsessed has examined the effects of different shapes on particular flavors.

You can check out more beer chalices on my Etsy page and I'll update more soon!

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