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Featured on 28 Days of Me

Since 2014, Monique Richards has been experimenting on herself to find what wellness practices actually help. She started her coaching business to help others with their own journeys. Interested in her journey? I really recommend checking out her website, . I really like her honesty about her own struggles and joys, and the nature of monthly self-experiments in the first place. She's also a lovely person and has a charming way of talking about all of this.

Last year, she interviewed me for her blog and asked me all sorts of questions about Thai massage, how I practice it, what the history is... there were a lot of great questions! I'm thinking about expandiing on some of them in this blog... wait and see!

Here is an excerpt from the interview, a brief description of how I started on this Thai massage journey myself:

What initially attracted you to being a Thai Bodyworker?

I experienced a “burnout” (sometimes called adrenal fatigue, but actually the involvement of the adrenals as cause vs effect is still in debate), culminating in quitting an office job I loathed at the end of 2010. I was trained as a teacher, and had taught for 14 years before that office job. I liked feeling that as a teacher, I was helping people. In massage, I found something similar. In Thai massage specifically, I found techniques that worked for the parts of the body I felt were missed in most table-based massages. When I first experienced a Thai massage I was still practicing Muay Thai (kickboxing), so I loved some of the stretchy massage techniques where you get twisted or stretched and then compressed within those postures.

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