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Winter Skin Soothing Serum

On Saturday 28 January, a tiny group of skincare enthusiasts got together for a Winter Skincare workshop here at my home salon. We spent the afternoon with five luxurious recipes to care for our skin during the colder months. Each recipe was tried out and then we made our own to take home.

Winter Skin gentle cleansing mask

My personal favorite recipe was the soothing serum. A serum can be used on clean skin for many purposes. In the winter, when our skin is dried out by cold and wind, this is a great recipe for soothing and nourishing it.

Recipe: Winter Skin Soothing Serum

7.5 mL olive oil

7.5 mL aloe vera juice

2.5 mL rose hip oil (rosa mosqueta)

2.5 mL calendula oil (or tincture)

1 drop chamomile essential oil

2 crops comfrey tincture

1. Carefully measure all ingredients into a larger than necessary clean jar with a lid.

2. Shake well to mix, then transfer to a smaller clean jar.

Best if refrigerated and used within a month. Ingredients will separate, so make sure your storage container is large enough to give it a shake each time before use. If oil solidifies in the fridge, store outside the fridge but use faster.

To use: apply to clean skin with fingers, massaging gently. Leave as is or follow up with a moisturizer of choice.


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